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"Beautiful scenery, challenging river, some great fishing all while ending your day at one of the best fishing lodges I’ve had to fortune to stay at the South Holston River Lodge (SHRL).  The Hospitality of the SHRL management Tony Marcucci and John Hooper is second to none; they are true professionals and attentive to your every need with the sole focus of assuring a fun, relaxing and successful fishing trip on this hidden gem of a river.  I am relatively new to this wonderful sport and have been on several trips with my guide and friend Adam Franceschini.  He is “Da Man” in my book.  I cannot recommend enough or express in this short testament on how wonderful and rewarding of an experience I had at the South Holston River Lodge, when thinking of a bucket list for your fly fishing adventures, the South Holston River Lodge is a must.  I will be back again and again.  In my two days (which was not enough), I landed 30 plus fish each day mostly wild browns.  Oh, and the food. Outstanding job by Chef's awesome menu’s with his homemade food and good southern hospitality.  This guy can’t wait to go back!”

– C. Hedges 3/2014

" I  have fished with Adam for the last several years in his capacity as a independent guide on the Delaware and Salmon River Systems in New York.

I have been fishing for most of my life, though intensively for the last four years, in both saltwater and freshwater fisheries throughout the world. I have utilized guides in all of these locations and have had the pleasure to fish with those that are excellent and several that were lacking. In addition the my Professional career , I am on the Junior Committee for the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, VT.

 His professionalism is complimented by his strong angling, excellent instruction, strong boat navigation skills, and great attitude. He has a wonderful understanding of fluvial dynamics and entomology and the effects they have on fishing success. His tackle, boat, and vehicle are immaculately maintained and his presentation whether fishing, teaching, or preparing a river bank lunch is extraordinary. While I have not had the pleasure of fishing in Alaska, I do have close friends who have been guided by Adam at Tikchik Narrows Lodge. The reports were phenomenal and all plan on fishing with Adam again in Alaska and here in the continental US.

Adam is one of the exceptional guides that will always stand out and serve as my benchmark. It is a great pleasure to have fished with him as a client and as a friend.

 It is a great pleasure to have fished with him as a client and as a friend."

Alex Kinsey

" I have fished with Adam the last several years, interacting with him in his capacity as head guide for Housatonic River Outfitters and would highly recommend him. By way of background, I have fly fished for over 20 years all over the world for all types of fish and in fresh and salt water. I have made extensive use of guides in all my trips and have experienced many great guides as well as some that are less so and understand how that can impact the quality of a trip. In addition to my recommendation, Adam has fished with my colleagues and clients at Tikchik Lodge in Alaska and they both like and respect him.  
Adam is an excellent guide across all elements of organization, personal interaction, technical skills and hard work. He does a great job of keeping in touch with clients and marketing the various seasons and fishing opportunities. On the water he is very knowledgeable of conditions, entomology, fishing techniques and optimizing the fishing experience. In addition, he is a great guy to spend a day on the water with and is constantly working to catch fish for his clients."

Nikko Hayes

" I have gone out with Adam numerous times, and have plans to accompany him on future trips and different rivers. (Caught my first Steelhead with him at the famous Salomon River). Not only is Adam a good fishing guide, he is truly a “student” of the river and strives to be the best in his field, but he is an even a better teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable about fly fishing, yet seeks out learning more. Perhaps I appreciate the fact that he is consistently patient and supportive of my efforts. It is his positive attitude and his passion for the sport that inspires me to keep learning."

Cliff Hedges

"Adam was the guest speaker at the 2012 United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island Christmas banquet last night. His presentation was on the "Hatches of the Housatonic" and was absolutely AWESOME ! Adam is very professional and I would highly recommend him as a fly fishing speaker/guide. (I'm the 2012 banquet director for UFTRI). 
Thank you Adam !!"

John B. Fisher

UFTRI 2012 Banquet Director 

"I'm new to the area and Adam took me out on the Housatinic for a day's fly fishing. We had a great day and caught plenty of fish. Adam worked hard all day, moving us from spot to spot and changing flies continuously. He even managed to keep laughing when I got snagged on the bottom for the hundredth time. We had a great day and I will be using Adam again in the very near future."

Paul Brannan

"Adam is a highly skillful fishing guide with an incredible work ethic and sense of responsibility. His knowledge of fishing tactics and enthusiasm for his clients is outstanding. Adam has an intricate awareness of strategies for catching trout, plus a tremendous ability to coach clients during their trip.
I heartily recommend Adam as a professional fisherman and guide. His appreciation for the outdoors and nature is exemplary.
He is already scheduled for two 2012 trips with myself and a friend."

Don Perras

'Adam is a SEASONED veteran who is a SUPERB fishing guide... a true professional with a terrific sense of humor, insights on 'how and where to fish' and seems to always know 'where the fish are'! He operates from the wilderness of Alaska to the 'slightly less aggressive' streams, rivers and lakes of Connecticut... and points in-between! If you're looking for a terrific experience, with RESULTS, and from someone with high integrity, a good value for your money, and works well with men/women + children of all ages contact ADAM... he won't 'guide you in the wrong direction!'.

Peter Klein

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